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In Spanish, the word Sandia means watermelon, and was donned upon the range in reference to their frequent pinkish hue. It's believed that ancient Spanish settlers saw the pink mountains and believed they looked like a watermelon slice, with a green rind near the top composed of conifers. The pink hue that blesses our city most evenings at sunset comes from the considerable amount of Potassium-Feldspar crystals that are embedded throughout the granite.

Along the Sandia foothills, we visit Bear Canyon Open Space area, and ride over a portion of the Bear Canyon Trail. This trail runs from the edge of the city towards the base of the Sandia Mountain Wilderness, where the Bear Canyon awaits. This remote canyon is less tracked, but the wild destination provides the opportunity to see wildlife just outside of the city. As the name implies, black bears are often sighted throughout the area, in addition to mule deer, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and plenty of other desert creatures.

Along the foothills, riders will see and learn about the "Three Sisters" volcanic cinder cones and large swaths of basalt flows on the other side of the Rio Grande located within the Albuquerque Volcanic Fields, in a region called the West Mesa. This fairly young volcanic field was once active 190,000 years ago during a more recent segment of rifting activity, and is located towards the center of the Rio Grande Rift Valley. The three visible volcanoes, aka the Three Sisters, are a classic and rare example of a fissure eruption, which occurs when magma rises along thin cracks in the Earth’s crust.

You also learn how Pueblo Indians believe these volcanoes and petroglyphs provide a direct spiritual connection to both their ancestors and to the Spirit World, the place where time began. Western Pueblos, Navajos, and Apaches believe these landforms were created by spiritual beings who lived in the ancient past. Hispanics view the entire West Mesa and the volcanoes as an active site of religious ceremonials and as a living reminder of a cultural heritage based on powerful spiritual ties to the Earth.

Next our eBikes power us uphill into Elena Gallegos Picnic Area & Open Space. Here is one of Albuquerque's most beautiful spots and the ride uphill on your ebike will surely make you giddy!  This open space is a 640-acre park at an elevation of 6,500 feet. From here we view Mt. Taylor to the west, the Jemez Mountains to the north and the vast Tijeras Arroyo to the south. We discuss the landscape supports a piñon-juniper habitat that includes chamisa, Apache plume, scrub oak, cane cholla cactus, blue grama grass, bear grass, and soapweed yucca. We often see deer and traces of elusive cougars, coyotes and black bears. And yes, here in the high desert we do sometimes see rattlesnakes – from a safe distance, of course.

After a refreshing break in the picnic area, we also experience the thrill of the downhill ride back to the protected bike path along the foothills back to one of our favorite spots – Boxing Bear Brewery!

TOUR: Sandia Foothills & Brew

Sandia Bear Canyon, Elena Gallegos Open Space & Boxing Bear Brewery

Thursdays - Sundays  •  2.5 hours  •  9.30a-12.00p  •  10miles  •  $125pp 

Helmet, water & snacks Included  •  16yrs & older  •  Close heal & toe shoes required.

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all week Oct 9-17, 2021

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