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Employee Teams & Wellness 

It’s a new dawn,

It’s a new day,

It's a new life for us, ooh

And we're feeling good! 

Catch us this Spring at Bike-in Coffee near ABQ Old Town.

Book yourself (& family or friends) a free yet electrifying test ride!

Back-to-work? It's a brave new world for us all.

We help teams reconnect, reinvigorate & succeed.

Learn More How We Can Electrify Your People & Teams.

FABULOUS! We'll reach out to you very shortly. Or you can contact Susan Gautsch directly at hello@freetoroamebiking.com.


Wellness & Fun

How's that "work/life balance" thing working out for your employee teams? Rather than supporting your employees' wellness through programs adjacent to work, we build wellness programs into the work.

Strength-based Trust

Through fun self-reflection, we help your teams discover, share & appreciate each others' strengths while building confidence, appreciation & team members' desire & effectiveness to harness each others’ complementary skills toward team goals & outcomes.

Differences & Conflict

Do bad ideas go unquestioned? Does group-think, long-standing bias & conflict avoidance prevail? Giving safe & appreciative voice to each others' differences & vantage points solves problems faster & minimizes politics.

4118 Central Ave. SE - Suite D

Albuquerque NM 87108

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