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About Me: About Me
  • EBIKE RENTALS? ... for fun or testing before owning?
    Yep. You can rent daily, weekly or monthly! Whether you're visiting ABQ, working here temporarily or just want to test it out before buying, we've got you covered. We have several different styles/models including Simple & Nimble (stepthru city cruiser styles), Zippy & Sporty (hybrid road/mountain), All Terrain (fat tire), Cargo (shuttle kids, grocery shop, etc.) See: It's a good idea if you're not sure how much, where and when you'll ride. Most people start with a little trip here... then a little errand there... then a ride to work... then they start realizing how totally doable it is! But, there is an adjustment, so good idea to test yourself out for a bit before making a big investment. And if you do decide you'd like to buy after renting, we'll give you a discount on your purchase based on how long you rented first. If you're happy and sure, so are we!
  • EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS for Your Organization?
    Do you have a .edu or .gov email with your employer? If so, we may already be a vendor or have an agreement with your employer for you to get substantial discounts including a FREE eBike Rental and $100 OFF a purchase or Lease-to-Own eBike.
  • E-SCOOTERS?... Yep, we have those too!
    While we love eBikes a little more, we do recognize the value of eScooters for shorter trips, hopping across campus or just your neighborhood (unlike the 50+ miles some eBike customers do daily.) Generally speaking, we love all Micromobility and anything that gets people out of their cars! So come in and/or book a testride with us after June 25, 2023. Book a testride here:
  • TEST-RIDE eBikes & eScooters...
    It's important to get a good feel for how each eBike rides -- and most importantly what works best for your style of riding and any other needs. Checkout our e-bike brands & models along w perks that only we provide (warranty, first tuneup free, fam/friend rentals to join you riding, loaner ebike when yours needs service, local & highly knowledgable ebike specialists.) You can book your test-ride now:
  • LEASE-to-OWN: Spread out your payments...
    If you like one of our eBikes or eScooters, but don't have all the cash or credit card at hand, you can make a first payment of $70 then spread the rest of the payments out over time -- so it's basically like you're leasing the eBike (or eScooter) until it's all paid off and it's all yours! What's best, if you can pay it all off in 90days, there's no other fees, interest, etc. If you do need longer than 90days, you can take up to ONE YEAR to pay it off -- but of course you'll be paying much more in interest. Blah. The application is FREE, QUICK and they DO NOT check your credit. Rather, they base it on your income: min of $1000/mos, general history & consistency. If you'd like to apply with zero obligation, please enter your contact info here in the chat and we'll get you started. You'll get a link from us and the rest is up to you to fill out. When you buy or lease-to-own from us you also get: • Minimum of 1 YEAR WARRANTY -- we work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf (trust us, this is huge if you ever have an issue!!!) • Tire Protection for New Mexico roads and trails... you know! • First TuneUp for FREE! • FREE Family/Friends Rental Pass (cuz they'll wanna ride your ebike now!) • FREE loaner bike if we do need to order parts or have your ebike in the shop for longer than 2days.
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