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Fun Things to do in Albuquerque on an eBike

Whether you’re a local or a tourist drawn to the land of enchantment, here are 10 fun things to do in Albuquerque--our catch? We want you to have fun on an eBike too.

1. Bike in Cafe

Here for the weekend? Or just enjoying a day off? Bike in Coffee at Old Town Farm has got you covered! Ride in the morning to enjoy some delicious breakfast burritos or for lunch with live Jazz on the weekends!

2. Bike & Brew

Need a step up from coffee? Bike to one of the many local Albuquerque Breweries including but not limited to Tractor Brewing Company, Marble Brewery, Steel Bender Brewyard, Canteen Brewhouse & more!

3. Bosque Trail on the Rio Grande (pending legislation)

While locals might prefer “anything but the Bosque” let’s face it--it’s the go-to spot! A beautiful stretch of river, trails, wildlife, and trees, you can’t compete with a classic Albuquerque landmark.

4. Downtown ABQ Art Walk

For one night & one night only! Well, once a month, a gathering of local artists, small businesses, and brick and mortar establishments set up along Downtown Albuquerque for all the public to see. This is a great opportunity to light up your eBikes, put on some reflective gear and ride through downtown checking out all of the local talent.

5. Mural Tour & Public Art Tour

Driving through, you’ve probably seen all the unique public art in Albuquerque. Check out Albuquerque’s Interactive Public Art Map and plan a fun afternoon ride to get a better view of the local art! Lucky for you living in New Mexico you rarely have to worry about a cloudy day or rain stopping your adventure.

6. Sandia Foothills and Sandia Peak Tramway

Biking up Tramway seems daunting until you realize the advantage that pedal assist and a little throttle kick gives you. Now you can power through that steady incline with no problem. Best part? Take a break and reward yourself with a trip on the Sandia Peak Tramway and get the best view of Albuquerque all the way from the top of the Sandias.

7. Early Morning Balloon Fiesta

Interested in the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta? New Mexico’s most famous event can be seen from all over Albuquerque! Not able to make it to the fairgrounds? Do an early (very early) morning eBike ride along the Rio Grande and watch the balloons take flight.

8. Rent a Bike Date & Find Your Own Path

Who doesn’t love a little adventure?? Join the Free Roamer’s club and meet up for an eBike rental date. Read why your first date should be an eBike date here. Spring is in the air!

9. Bike & Hike

Calling all our weekend warriors! Who needs to drive to a trailhead when you could bike there? Better yet, bike there, charge your batteries while you hike, then head home, or swing by a brewery on your way back to reward yourself for your hard work!

10. Bike Museum Tour

In for a trek? Bike all the way to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History to learn the story of the Atomic Age. We also recommend checking out many other museums in Albuquerque including the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum, New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science and more!

Would ya look at that! We still can’t count & had to surprise you with a #11. eBikes are just that great!

11. Sawmill Market

Vendors, options, deliciousness -- oh my! In our humble opinion, the Sawmill Market is one of the best places to eBike to with a group of friends. No one has to fight over which place they want to eat, and with a plethora of options, everyone’s taste buds will be happy.

Not sure where to rent an eBike in Albuquerque? Send email to join the Free Roamer’s Club and we will get you set up with a test ride and put you on our list to join our pop-up eBike rentals.

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