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How eBikes Benefit Businesses

Electric bikes are all the buzz in cycling as more people want to spend time outside during the pandemic. You may be wondering, how do eBikes relate to businesses? How can they help my business? Well, allow us at Free-to-Roam eBiking to explain how shocking-ly beneficial eBikes can be for businesses and why you should consider incorporating them into your own.

Post Covid Hybrid Work Model

Everyone is looking forward to the post-pandemic return to normal life. However, many businesses have decided to use a hybrid work model. This allows employees to work part-time from home and part-time at the office. This means less time commuting from home to work and vice versa.

  • Less time spent traveling means ditching your car for an ebike becomes much more practical

  • Skeptical about cycling in the heat of the desert to work? eBiking is the perfect solution! Thanks to the pedal-assist feature, it’s much easier to go faster and further than you ever thought possible on a standard bike without breaking a sweat!

eBiking is a great alternative to driving to work which brings us to our next point:

Cost & Sustainability

Since people will be driving to work less, might as well cut out gas usage for commuting entirely!

  • By switching or ditching to an eBike, employees can save money on gas not to mention all of the other expenses of cars.

  • eBikes produce zero harmful emissions.

Employees can lower their overall gas usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and make the New Mexican air cleaner for everyone to enjoy. Who doesn’t wanna save money and the environment?

Fitness & Physical Health

Electric bikes are also a great way to encourage employees to exercise and get outside.

  • Fitness challenges are currently trending. Challenge employees to track their eBike usage and offer incentives for whoever has the most miles each week, or for whoever has the most hours!With Albuquerque’s more than 400 miles of bike paths, I bet there will be some real friendly competition!

  • These contests motivate workers to spend more time in the sun, getting vitamin D and fresh air, as well as improve their physical health.

  • eBiking allows workers to reap the benefits of exercise and being outside that a standard bike would provide without expending more energy than necessary to get to work.

  • These types of activities are a great bonding opportunity and a way to bring employees together while sparking healthy competition and improving morale.

Mental Health

Healthy body, healthy mind & better morale for working!

Hopping on an eBike is a great way to manage your stress, fight fatigue, and have fun. So why not bring eBikes to your business? Contact to plan how to electrify your employees' ride!

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