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How eBikes Benefit the Public Good

eBiking is rapidly becoming one of the most widely recommended ways to reduce carbon footprint and overall public health, a goal many cities and governments are working towards. We here at Free-to-Roam eBiking are excited to contribute to those goals! Here are our top five reasons why eBiking is beneficial for the public good.

eBiking Builds a Strong Community

eBiking can bring people together in a healthy and sustainable way. eBiking is the perfect socially distant activity, and numerous cycling clubs and groups make it a breeze to build a sense of community and meet fellow bike enthusiasts. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to help build and sustain a community is by supporting its local businesses, and eBiking can help riders do just that.

In a recent study, it was found that bike riders spend more money at local businesses, as opposed to those who drive cars for their daily commute. Since bike riders are usually out and about more, they are able to interact with local businesses and support them during their daily trek. So, those regulars you always see at that cute mom-and-pop coffee shop? They might just be eBike enthusiasts!

eBiking Contributes to Overall Sustainability

Doing your part for the good of Mother Nature isn’t as daunting as it may seem, since eBikes are a fun, easy and accessible way to amp up your green game. A recent study found that a whopping 15% of carbon emissions could potentially be reduced if 12% of typical transportation was replaced by eBike transportation. Not only will eBiking help cities and communities reduce their overall carbon footprint, but you’ll also help your community reduce public transportation and ride-share expenses. Count us in!

eBikes Could Lead to a Potential Tax Credit

eBiking is far from just a fad, and the industry's popularity has gained attention from U.S. lawmakers. In fact, this past February a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that would offer a refundable tax credit of 30% (up to $1,500) on the purchase of a new eBike. That means your daily pedaling might just lead to a chunk of cha-ching. Many European countries, such as Belgium and France, also leverage tax codes to help lower the costs of cycling and ultimately reducing car emissions.

eBikes Lowering Cost of City Infrastructure

eBikes are accessible and easy to use, and many urban, suburban and rural communities are taking note of their massive spike in popularity. Albuquerque is a cycling hub with its constant sunshine and phenomenal wilderness, so more biking paths allow for more flora and fauna to flourish and be appreciated in their natural habitats. Biking paths are also cheaper to maintain, with an average cost of $3-5 per foot. Compare this to the cost of city roads, which are typically in the millions range in total, and it's easy to see why biking paths are beneficial from a fiscal viewpoint as well. In recent years, eBikers have been able to trek more public lands, since the US Department of the Interior has provided more access for eBikes on public lands. That means more breathtaking trails, more picturesque views and more coveted you-time.

eBike Support from Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

While there's still much to be worked out on the Biden Administration's Infrastructure Plan, new Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, wasted no time speaking directly to the bike community about ebikes. Specifically, he sees ebikes as a critical factor in reducing carbon emission as they open up a much larger range that is reasonably feasible (and fun) to commute some of the time on just two wheels instead of four.

And he's not alone. Using data from a North American survey of e-bike owners, it's estimated that for every individual who replaces 15% of their total car trips with an eBike trip, their carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 12% or 225kg of CO2 per year. These estimates provide enormous opportunities for the city of Albuquerque and greater New Mexico (among other cities and states) to achieve our climate goals. But, as Secretary Buttigieg duly notes, we absolutely have to improve our infrastructure to assure the safety of all bike riders (electric or "acoustic") as well as that of pedestrians and motorists.

Use eBikes to Explore the Great Outdoors

New Mexico is a beautiful and scenic state to say the least. With lively suburbs and enchanting bike trails, there’s a go-to spot for every eBike rider to explore. Whether you want to go for a quick ten-minute trip down to the grocery store with the kids or for a scenic ride along the breathtaking Paseo del Bosque trail, Free-to-Roam eBiking can take you there. eBiking is a prime social distancing activity, and it's more important than ever to take care of yourself mentally and physically with some fresh air and mind-clearing views.

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