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How eBikes Contribute to Public Health

eBiking is not only a sustainable way to get around town, but also a healthy way to stay physically active. At Free-to-Roam-eBiking, we take pride in helping communities electrify their daily commute while also doing their part for the health and well-being of their communities! Keep reading to find out our top five reasons why eBiking is beneficial for public health.

eBiking Leads to Community Health Motivation

We all know that amazing feeling when you get to spend quality time with your friends and family while being active. Forget the gym memberships and invest in eBiking for your daily workout! eBiking has pedal-assist features, making it the perfect ride for any level, from novice gliders to expert trekkers. eBikes require less intensity than traditional non-electric bikes, so there’s no need to worry about breaking a sweat on your ride to work or early morning adventure.

eBikes are Beneficial for the Body and Mind

eBiking provides a flexible way to get your workout in while also being mindful of the environment. eBiking gives you all the same cardiovascular boosting benefits as traditional biking, but with an extra oomph from its speed and versatility. In fact, a recent study from the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives found that eBike riders actually get more exercise than traditional cyclists. Boosting blood flow while also clearing your mind, all in an environmentally friendly way? Yes, please!

Safer eBiking Environments

While sharing the road with cars, busses and trucks is usual business for cyclists, it is still dangerous. In New Mexico, legislation is written but not yet passed that classifies eBikes as bicycles rather than motorcycles, which is safer for both riders and drivers on the road. With Alberqueruqe being a hub for biking paths, it is really important that we pass this legislation so that eBikers can trek with ease while knowing their trail is safe, since bike specific spaces means less collisions and injuries on roads shared with cars.

To learn more about eBike legislation in New Mexico

, read our fact sheet.

eBiking is a Healthy, Socially Distant Activity

It’s no secret that eBiking is healthy for physical health, but it’s also a convenient way to stay socially distant while still getting outside. It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself mentally and physically during the pandemic. Albuquerque is the perfect place to adventure with 290 days of warm sunshine and mind-clearing views, so take a break from your screens indoors and hop on an eBike today! Better yet, contact us at hello@freetoroamebiking, to be put on the list to join our Free Roamers club!

eBiking Creates A World of Possibilities

With eBiking, the possibilities of where your pedaling will take you are endless. We here at Free-to-Roam-eBiking take pride in helping you achieve your eBiking adventures in a safe and healthy way. Whether you want to pop down to the grocery store or buzz down one of Albuquerque’s biking paths and trails, eBiking can spice up your next outdoor adventure.

Aren’t convinced yet? Read our Top 10 reasons to Ride an eBike blog.

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