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Top 10 Reasons to Ride an eBike

There’s no way around it. We here at Free-to-Roam are eBike obsessed. Check out our top 10 reasons why you should ride an eBike.

1. It’s FUN

Connect with your inner child. The one who used to ride bikes with friends or family, back and forth to school, uphill in the snow both ways. eBiking is a great release, similar to biking but one of the main benefits is that it allows you to go farther. That means more time with the wind blowing your hair, the sun on your skin, and fresh air filling your lungs.

2. You Can Go Farther

Our coined phrase is “expand your world.” With eBiking, you genuinely can expand your world. The pedal-assist feature allows you to ride at 20 mph (most eBikes "can" go faster, but most states regulate this so manufacturers set the eBikes to stop assisting after 20mph), while still getting the health benefits of riding a bike. You probably haven't considered riding your bike from The Bosque to Tramway (uphill), but that's no longer unthinkable.

3. It Feels Good

Fresh air. Wind in your hair. Nothing else can compare. Biking is a known health benefit that is good for your joints, cardiovascular health, and muscle stability, eBiking has all of the same benefits plus being able to ride longer and farther. With Albuquerque’s average 290 days of sunshine and more than 400 miles of bike paths, you can ride a new adventure almost every day!

4. You Are Naturally Social Distancing

Safety first kids! In a time where gyms and fitness centers are closed, and when it is considered unsafe to train in enclosed rooms with strangers, eBiking outdoors is the perfect option. It is naturally social distancing. Even if you are out with people, you are all outside, with masks on and fresh air constantly moving around you.

5. You Can See New Places & EXPLORE

Exploring New Mexico via ebike is more hands-on and immersive in comparison to a car or other form of transportation. You are on the street, alongside businesses and other people, able to speak and start conversations at traffic lights. Instead of being tired after, you’re invigorated to explore more.

6. Incorporate Fitness into Your Lifestyle

Biking is easy on the joints, great for stamina, and much more. An eBike allows you to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle in a more sustainable way than the gym. Some major benefits of eBiking include decreased stress levels, improved posture, coordination, strengthened bones, decreased body fat levels, and prevention or management of disease. Just ask our founder, it changed her world!

7. Update Your Commute

We fall into the sit cycle. We sit in our cars to drive to work to sit at our desks, sit to drive home and sit on the couch once we are back home. This sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. If you live close to your place of work, maybe you’ve thought of biking to work, but anything more than a couple miles would get you sweaty and wanting to shower instead of work. With an eBike, you are able to travel to your work, even in heels and a professional skirt, without breaking a sweat and at the same time breaking the habit of a sedentary lifestyle.

8. eBiking Reduces Fossil Fuels

If it isn’t apparent by now, we know that we need to change our habits so that our grandchildren will be able to live on earth happily. Cars and car emissions from the daily commute are one of the highest contributors to mass pollution. eBiking is a great alternative to driving your car. Even taking an eBike to run a few short errands instead of driving makes a huge impact. Why not try it out today?

9. You Can Still Take the Kids

For some, driving the kids to school is some of the most precious alone time you have with your child. That is still possible with an eBike. A cargo eBike has room to fit another passenger, and carry their backpack and instrument too! You can also make traveling to and from the park or a cafe more personal by zooming along in an eBike.

10. eBikes are Transforming Transportation

The future is eBiking. You might as well dust off the wheels and give it a try because cities are currently changing their infrastructure to support more environmentally friendly transportation like bike lanes and paths. We are currently supporting legislation in New Mexico to help classify eBikes as bicycles instead of motorcycles, read more about our efforts here.

And of course, we had to surprise you with #11!

11. It’s Cost-Effective

eBiking is a cheaper, cost-effective mode of transportation than a car. Take into account the insurance, maintenance, constant refueling, and other aspects that a car has. Imagine an equally effective mode of transportation that is a fraction of that cost. Even using an eBike a few days out of the week would save you more money than constantly driving your car, and as you can see, the benefits are endless!

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