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Wear Green or Ride Green? Change the Game!

Wearing green today is cute & fun. But riding green is a "GameChanger".

Really! That's not just OUR word...

It's THE WORD we hear over and over again from our customers about 43 seconds into their first test ride. Then again a few weeks into riding their own e-bike. Some ride just for fun & fitness. That's all good! But more and more people are realize that riding their e-bike for transportation is also totally feasible.

On an e-bike, people go farther, ride more frequently & somewhat faster than they could riding a traditional (acoustic) bike – and often getting to their destination in about the same time as driving a car in all the traffic.

What's more: they also frolic with family and friends more frequently. Electric bikes are the grand equalizer across age, ability, confidence & community. It's all so refreshing, feasible, affordable (forget the fuel costs now) and eco-friendly!

Did you know... if you simply substituted a small subset of your short car trips (quick errands, school drop-off & pickup, pizza runs) for an almost as quick e-bike ride – say just 15% of your car rides – you'd end up reducing your carbon footprint by 12% – just like that! Transportation is the #1 culprit of Co2 emissions.

But here's the real kicker: with the pedal-assist system on the e-bike, you'll always be in a light & sustainable exertion level, while your body is slowly but consistently building endurance, burning fat and releasing the happy hormones. That's the real reason everyone you see on an e-bike is smiling all the time.

So today, enjoy that cute green outfit. But if/when you're ready to change up your game... let us know. It's our mission to keep you smiling all the time (bugs in teeth and all!)

Happy St. Patty's Day. Be Safe!



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