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Why eBikes are Perfect for Albuquerque

Riding your eBike regularly is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping, avoid traffic and reduce your carbon emission footprint while doing so. eBikes are sweeping the nation in popularity, but did you know that Albuquerque has been a biking hub for years? Check out our five reasons why Albuquerque is the perfect city for eBike riders!

eBikes Make for a Better Commute

eBiking is a year-round activity in Albuquerque since New Mexico is no stranger to warmth and sunshine. Take advantage of the state’s 290 days of constant sunshine by shaking up your daily commute! If you drive or rideshare to work every day, you’re probably used to sedentary waiting, parking, and most of all frustration. Hopping onto your eBike instead of picking up your car keys allows you to have an immersive and fun ride to work while staying at a safe physical distance.

Albuquerque is a City on a Slope, but eBikes Make it Easy

Think riding an eBike means you’re limited to flat sidewalks and basic trails? Not in Albuquerque! The city is home to a number of downhill and uphill paths that are invigorating for any level. eBikes have a pedal-assist feature that allows you to ride along up to a rate of 20 mph. Rolling trails and steep inclines mean more of an adventure for you, minus the exhaustion and fatigue you would experience from trekking with a traditional bike.

New Mexico is Full of Natural Beauty and Recreation

Interested in New Mexico tours or Albuquerque adventures? Getting some fresh air while getting your blood pumping is both healthy and socially responsible. With its stunning mountains, rivers and painted skies, there’s no debate that Albuquerque is the heart of New Mexico’s biking scene. Experiencing these breathtaking natural wonders for yourself is a breeze with eBiking! With more than 400 miles of accessible bike paths and trails, the hours of you gliding through spaces like the Sandia Foothills are endless.

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Ever-Growing Bike Friendliness in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is quickly becoming a cycling destination and has earned several rankings for its bike-friendliness, including being named as a “silver-level bicycle friendly community by the league of American Bicyclists”. With motives like national ‘bike to work day’ and numerous biking programs, it’s no surprise that Albuquerque is quickly becoming an eBiking hub. The city of Albuquerque is also committed to creating a safe environment for bicyclists. The city has made a commitment to Vision Zero, a network that works to create a safer street space for users.

Join the Lively Albuquerque Biking Community

Albuquerque's tight-knit biking community is more than meets the eye. The New Mexico Touring Society regularly highlights cycling clubs that offer bike swaps, non-profit organizations and more. Need to refuel after a long trek? Pedal by the Bike In Coffee at Old Town Farm, Albuquerque’s first and only bike-centered farm. Visitors can park their bikes while they grab a cup of coffee, shop local produce, order avocado tacos and mingle with other bike enthusiasts. Other Albuquerque biking clubs include BikeABQ, New Mexico Cycling, Duke City BMX and Bike Hub NM.

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