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Free-to-Roam eBiking’s core purpose is to enable healthy, safe, sustainable,
affordable & fun lifestyles across all ages, abilities and communities
through agile mobility, outdoor recreation and active transportation on ebikes.

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From higher ed to a higher calling



Susan Gautsch, owner of Free-to-Roam eBiking, had a career in Los Angeles but moved back to New Mexico to pursue her passion for ebikes during the virus pandemic.


Beyond simply selling and renting e-bikes, Gautsch said she wants to change the way her car-dominant hometown views cycling.

Gautsch, who serves on the board of BikeABQ, said she wants to see Albuquerque become a more friendly city to cyclists of all stripes, just as Los Angeles started to during her last few years there.

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Is Albuquerque On The Verge ofAn Ebike Revolution?

Ebike Startup Hopes To Make Ebikes More Accessible To Albuquerque Residents


Destination Showcase: Albuquerque, New Mexico

I wish I had known of the diverse cycling Albuquerque had to offer before now.


eBiking firm starts motoring, offering tours in Albuquerque

Just as Gautsch used her eBike to be a part of her community in Los Angeles, she is keeping the same value of community connection in Free-to-Roam eBiking.

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Light up your Balloon Fiesta experience with an e-bike Glow Tour

It's largely for everyone's safety,

but there's no denying it's a lot of fun to ride together all aglow on the electric bikes.

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Susan Gautsch

Founder & CEO

Raised in Albuquerque, Susan (aka eBikeSue) left at 20yrs old to live in Hawaii, Chicago and LA. In the last 25yrs, she's raised a few kids and enjoyed a 25yr career at a few universities such as Northwestern, Pepperdine and USC directing graduate programs in IT, Business and Public Policy.  But New Mexico's visceral draw grew stronger each year – as did her passion (maybe  obsession) for eBiking, so in 2020, she finally returned for good with the simple goal of supporting healthy lifestyles, active mobility, sustainable transportation and gobs of fun through ebiking.

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Ginger Varcoe

Operations Manager

Ginger is a South Dakota native, graduate of the university of Minnesota and has spent her career in social services.  Ginger moved to New Mexico in 2011.  She came for the weather but has stayed and embraced New Mexico for its people!  Ginger is passionate about social justice issues and improving her community.  Ginger has embraced Ebiking during the COVID-19 pandemic and is excited to educate people about the possibilities in New Mexico utilizing an EBike!

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MatthieuAmanda Custodia

Marketing, Ops & RideGuide

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Greg Ryan

Bike Tech, Ops & RideGuide

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