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eBike Ambassador & Social Media Maven

We seek a talented social media coordinator & e-biking ambassador (yep, ride an electric bike all around town) to help us generate good ebiking buzz in ABQ and greater New Mexico. We seek original, fun, quirky, electrifying, inspirational and funny content for our Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, GoogleMaps, TikTok, YouTube, Linkedin and more. We’re a startup just about to launch, so we need someone who can think on their feet (and pedals), loves the scrappy, build-the-plane-as-we-fly kind of environment and teammates.

No doubt, you’ve seen 100s of social media job descriptions. Insert all that here, but really we seek your ideas that we can collaboratively build your job description from. Here’s a few key things:


  • Be a local! It’s ok if you haven’t lived here in ABQ or NM your whole life, but you have to know and appreciate the culture here.

  • Be any age and almost any level of ability. eBikes are the great equalizer as aging people are the first-movers in the ebike space (myself included). But it’s not limited to that by any stretch. You’ll see all kinds of people giving up their cars and using ebikes as main form of transportation (myself included.) It’s great for rehabbing knee and other injuries. And more…

  • Be savvy in the social media world -- especially in our local groups, communities, businesses, etc.

  • Be kind, fun, lively, and excited about changing the way people get around ABQ. etc.

  • Give a damn about our climate, your future on this earth, and perhaps your kids’ future. eBikes provide a significant opportunity for most anyone to make a significant dent in their own carbon footprint. Think of this gig as an environmental imperative.

  • Be fun and optimistic about the potential of really changing the way people live, commute, stay or get healthy & fit, participate in their community more and enjoy life.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Check out our ABQ eBike Guide and why I'm doing this here and now. If it resonates with you, we'd love to learn more... 



Current job openings:

1. Videographer

2. Ride/Tour Guides 

3. eBike Mechanic w/Operational Assistance

4. eBike Ambassador & Social Media Maven


Free-to-Roam eBiking is a locally-owned eBiking company based in ABQ with a core purpose is to enable more enjoyable, healthy, environmentally sustainable and affordable lifestyles across all ages, abilities and communities of New Mexico. We provide tours, rides & rentals as well as sales/service and employee wellness & engagement. We also do advocacy work  for greater ebike and all bike safety, infrastructure and education. 

With a fantastic launch team, we launched in June 2021 and have formed partnerships with other local businesses as well with one of the fastest growing ebike manufacturers in the USA and Canada (Rad Powerbike). In August, we opened a shop in Nob Hill. We are now well positioned to be New Mexico's ebike & ebiking experts. With a wealth of information on our website, we wish to develop a educational and entertaining videos on ebiking benefits (think: health & fitness, environmental sustainability, community engagement and of course great fun!)

We seek videographers (pre & post production) to help us build out a series of fast moving, educational yet entertaining, authentic, charming and oh-so-real (with a New Mexico flair) videos for YouTube primarily but also to be repurposed for other social media channels. 

We seek some level of experience with:
* DEV: developing a high-level treatment for each series as well as a treatment for each video
* PRE-PRODUCTION: simple script outlines, storyboards, location scouting, prop acquisition, equipment prep, etc.
* PRODUCTION: video & audio setup, shoot, audio capture, shot log, equipment & tech 
* POST-PRODUCTION: shot logs, editing, audio tracks, digital media management, repurpose to multiple formats
* PUBLISHING: upload & annotate descriptions etc.

PERKS include: 
* Flexible hours
* Access to a wide array of ebikes to ride -- on and off the clock
* Work with all kinds of people focused on healthy living, sustainability, mobility & fun.
* Get paid to ride an electric bike with lots of other great people

We're not aiming to develop high production pieces. Rather we seek some experience creating videos for YouTube, TikTok or other video-based platforms. 

This would be contract work at least initially. There will be ample opportunities for employment come Spring/Summer. 


Free-to-Roam eBiking is a locally-owned eBiking company based in ABQ with goals to bring the ebiking goodness to other great places across New Mexico. With a fantastic launch team building up the business, partnerships with other local businesses, new ebike fleets, maintenance/repair shop and a fair amount of advocacy work to promote healthy, fun, affordable, safe and sustainable outdoor recreation, transportation and mobility for all.  We seek active, energetic, friendly and reliable RideGuides to join our team - either part-time or full-time.


Join our team of Tour & RideGuides providing:

  • Ebiking Tours (half & full-day experiences)

  • Guided Rides (1-3hr rides)

  • eBike Rentals (for both locals & visitors)

  • Special Events in the Community (offering test rides & other ebike related services)


A few of the perks of working with us:

  • Flexible and regular shifts available

  • Work with all kinds of people focused on healthy living, sustainability, mobility & fun.

  • Get paid to ride an electric bike with lots of other great people

  • Access to a wide array of ebikes to ride -- on and off duty.


Minimally, we seek candidates who: 

  • Are consistently punctual, reliable & friendly

  • Are Coachable - eager to learn (incl basic bike care), grow (team work) & have fun

  • Persistently seek ways to be be helpful

  • Are ready to do a lot of ebiking around ABQ and surrounding areas


Ideal candidates will: 

  • Know a bit about ABQ & NM culture, history, geography, communities, neighborhoods, etc.

  • Enjoy creating content (video, pics, interesting/funny posts) for social media & marketing


Duties & responsibilities will include:

  • Riding an eBike for 10-50miles/day (which isn’t hard when you have the motor!)

  • Ensuring every rider’s safety & enjoyment -- either as lead guide or “sweep” (assistant guide)

  • Loading, unloading & transporting ebikes & equipment

  • Checking in customers, providing orientation, assistance, information and more

  • Following standard operating procedures (SOPs), checklists, manifests & other instructions

  • Engaging with customers before, during and after rides to ensure their safety & enjoyment

  • Driving an SUV or pickup truck w/ 10x5ft trailer (with ebikes) attached - NM license required

  • Other duties as instructed

Initially reporting to Owner/CEO, but working closely with entire Launch Team, this position will be responsible for leading small to medium-sized ebike rides & tours throughout Albuquerque. It also includes day-to-day ebike maintenance & repair -- including coordination of equipment, vehicles, gear inventory and organization of the shared workspace. This may be a part-time or full-time position based on agreed upon responsibilities. This position will evolve over a short time span due to seasonality, startup to fully-operational and subsequent growth cycles.  Initial training will be provided in areas of responsibility outlined below, so while previous related experience is important, we seek candidates eager to learn, apply, adapt & grow. 


  1. Assemble, maintain & repair ebikes meeting internal and manufacturer standards

  2. Conduct regularly scheduled ebike QA checks & cleanings

  3. Maintain eBike batteries including charging schedules, quality checks, safety & replacement

  4. Prepare ebikes, batteries and all equipment, vehicles/trailers for transport & mobile station setup

  5. Identify specific parts & tools required to repair or replace bike systems to assure 

  6. Interact with ebike suppliers & manufacturers for bike purchases, replacements, repairs and upgrades

  7. Conduct ebikes & regular bike tuneups at outreach events and with FTRe partners

  8. Maintain database of ebike inventory, tools & equipment, merchandise & supplies

  9. Follow, refine and develop operational process workflows/maps,  SOPs & Quality Assurance checklists

  10. Ensure consistently clean, secure and safe work environment -- including mobile stations

  11. Participate in community outreach events, providing bike care & maintenance and engage citizens

  12. Provide excellent customer service throughout day-to-day booking, rides, operations and events

  13. Interact with local partners, clubs & organizations, city planners, etc.

  14. Work collaboratively with internal teams as it relates to operations, customer service, marketing, public relations, ebike safety & advocacy,

    finance & accounting, business development and more​


  1. Serve as brand ambassador riding an ebike around town & at events interacting with citizens, sharing & promoting benefits of ebiking, capturing potential customer needs/wants, offering test-rides, and acquiring potential customer contact information for future engagement

  2. Capture GoPro and mobile photos and video to be used in for web, social media and other marketing, public relations and advocacy materials 


  1. Competency in bike components, and must be able to perform entry level tune up.

  2. Ability to work autonomously

  3. Commitment to providing high quality & timely service & support to customers, partners & coworkers

  4. The ability to carry out work efficiently and accurately, even under pressure

  5. Strong communication, and customer service skills are needed.

  6. Organizational skills to competently manage physical inventory on-the-ground and digitally​

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Training may be provided)​

  1. Ability to work within digital environments using productivity tools such as: GoogleDrive (incl. Docs, Spreadsheets), Slack, Asana, Trello 

  2. Ability to work within online booking system (PeekPro), media capture tools (standard mobile phone camera & touchup/editing tools, GoPro cameras), video editing (iMovie, Premier, FinalCut), image editing in pixel or vector-based (photoshop, illustrator and/or other tools to create/edit JPG, PNG, SVG files.)  

4118 Central Ave. SE - Suite D

Albuquerque NM 87108

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You're all set for the future. Enjoy the ride!

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