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Allow e-bikes in National Parks!


The National Park Service (NPS) seeks YOUR comments on whether e-bikes should be allowed anywhere traditional (acoustic) bikes are currently allowed.

Today, most people see the wonder of our national parks from their car window as they slowly parade through one car after another. While some ride their bikes, most don't for all the same reasons most people don't ride their bikes nearly as much as they thought they would. The major barriers apply:

  • Hills

  • Headwinds

  • Hurt knees, ankles, hips, etc

  • Being sweaty when you get there!

Free-to-Roam eBiking has been working closely with our friends at the national foundation PeopleForBikes who argue:

"Expanding access for electric bicycles allows more people to enjoy our National Parks by bike, reducing congestion from cars and getting more people into the outdoors. Your voice matters — act now to improve e-bike access in our National Parks!"

Please join us in advocating for greater access for e-bikes not only in Albuquerque and New Mexico at large, but all the wondrous places across the United States where riding an e-bike is proven to:

boost to your motion and mobility (ride up hill effortlessly, ride farther, longer and more frequently, zip past traffic jams, explore your environs and arrive without a sweat),

improve your physical health (metabolism & weight, muscle-tone and strength, heart and stamina),

improve your mental health (reduced stress and anxiety, improved cognition, mindfulness and sleep),

save money (reduce your fuel expenses, avoid parking fees, kill the gym membership), and

live more sensibly, social and sustainably (replace your car trips, lower your carbon footprint, minimize pollutants and inspire your friends and family!)

Thank you for all your ongoing support for ebiking!

Susan Gautsch - owner

Free-to-Roam eBiking

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