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Is eBiking right for you?

(Our guess is, yes…)

FreeToRoamEbiking Lupe

Beginning late June near the Bosque Trail, Sandia Foothills and more.

How do eBikes work?

Anatomy of an eBike

Free-to-Roam eBiking

For healthy, safe, affordable & sustainable lifestyles

– across all ages & abilities – 

through active mobility, agile transportation & nonstop fun! 

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Sue, Rob, Ginger, Alyssa, BillyJack, Emily, Jay, Shari

It’s a new dawn,

It’s a new day,

It's a new life for us, ooh

And we're feeling good! 

Catch us this Spring at Bike-in Coffee near ABQ Old Town.

Book yourself (& family or friends) a free yet electrifying test ride!

Here in New Mexico, we're working on passing a new ebike law 
for everyone's mobility, safety & enjoyment...

Electric Bike Laws by State

Hi, I'm Susan Gautsch -- founding owner/CEO of

Free-to-Roam eBiking in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


My passion for electric bikes (aka. ebikes) – started 30s into my very first ride. I didn't want the ride to end. A few years into owning my own e-bike – and even ditching my car – I still have that same exhilarating feeling.

Why?... It’s so much fun!  It's truly a game-changer.

I'm more fit, less stressed & tuned into my community like never before. I can keep up with the kids & even my serious cycling friends. I feel more connected, grounded and happier with my everyday life. And I keep meeting others telling the same story.



Sandia Mountains (Watermelon)

Gives a whole new perspective on this world.

Burque's Ultimate Guide to eBikes & eBiking

in Albuquerque & Greater New Mexico

Thrilled to be featured in:

Rent an eBike for an hour, half or full-day, weekend or more.

Explore the riches of Albuquerque & greater NM.

Engage employee teams in wellness & collaborative fun.

FreeToRoamEbiking Lupe

eBike & All-Bike Community

A beautiful farm perfectly located right between Albuquerque's beloved Bosque Trail along the Rio Grande River and Historic Old Town. Bike-in Coffee has become the defacto gathering place for this town's diverse & ever-growing community of cyclists to enjoy deliciously fresh food, live local music & lively conversation. It's the ideal location to start and conclude your ebike ride!

eBike & Brew

Boxing Bear's award-winning hand-crafted brews are always deliciously refreshing, but nothing compares to that first pint after an invigorating ebike ride along the beautiful Sandia foothills. Perfectly located at Tramway & Candelaria, enjoy the festive indoor and outdoor environment. They also serve red & white wines as well as hard ciders. A votre santé!

Teaming Up with our Favorite Local Businesses

Farther, Faster, Friendlier & Funner!

With a boost in your pedal, you’ll ride farther & more frequently – feeling fit, fun & free.

Affordable, Feasible
& Eco-Friendly

Time to be a one-car-family? Or no car at all? It's simple,  sustainable with incredible cost savings.

Simple, Socially Distant & Sweat-Free
Shuttle kids, cargo & carryout at 20mph without breaking a sweat or social-distancing guidelines.

200 Broadway NE
Albuquerque NM 87102
Tel: 505.393.4888

You're all set for the future. Enjoy the ride!

Get Ready.

Keep up with the future of transport & fun

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