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eBikes Past & Future

eBikes Back in Time

While you might be wondering about the best electric bikes, let’s take a look into how electric bicycles have transformed over time to become lighter, faster and more adaptive to its rider. Here are a few examples of the most influential designs in electric bike history:

  • Ogden Bolten Jr.’s battery-powered bicycle with a hub motor.

  • Hosea Libbey’s bicycle featured a double electric motor

  • The Phillips and Simplex Bike kicked off mass production in Europe

  • 1989 Yamaha, had pedal-assist as opposed to a throttle.

These early designs and prototypes of electric bicycles set the foundation for many modern eBikes.

eBikes Around the World

Europe was one of the first places to reap the many benefits of eBikes. Europeans began hopping on eBikes in the 20th century. If we fast forward to today, we’ll find that electric bicycles are part of everyday life in Europe and China as they’ve become a common choice of transportation for those who live in urban cities. Here are a few examples of their popularity:

The popularity of eBikes is increasing all over the world as they become the new face of sustainable and fun transportation.

U.S. Slow to Adopt the Trend, But is Now Obsessed

Europe and China welcomed electric bicycles with open arms while the U.S. was wrapped up in the perks of the automobile. In 2015, it was found that fewer than 4% of Americans walk or bike to work. Bicycles were becoming ingrained in urban life for Europeans and others, while Americans purchased bikes mainly for recreational use. While the U.S. had a slow start, eBikes are becoming more and more popular as sales in eBikes increase and infrastructure and innovations shape the country into an eBike friendly place. Before we know it, eBikes in the U.S. will be a common choice of transportation like they are for the rest of the world.

Interested in learning more about eBikes in Albuquerque or wondering what biking in Albuquerque is like? Read our article on why eBikes are great for commuting and living in Albuquerque.

Pandemic eBike Surge

On the bright side of the pandemic, individuals were left with extra time which many used to focus on physical fitness. With the closure of gyms, Americans searched for ways to stay active. As a result, there was a surge in eBike sales. From June 2019 to June 2020 there was a 190% increase in eBike market growth in the U.S. In particular areas the growth of eBike sales was especially great. Here are a few examples of the market growth found in sunny California:

  • June 2019 to June 2020 there was a 200 percent increase in eBike market growth

  • In Hermosa beach from July 2019 to July of 2020 there was a sales increase of over 800%

  • 918% sales increase in Manhattan Beach

  • 453% sales increase in Redondo Beach.

Innovations for eBikes

Innovations are underway that will advance the future of electric bicycles:

Tesla’s ‘tabless’ battery could allow for more range from batteries and overall provide a less expensive way to produce them. As 3D printing technology becomes faster, it could also help the affordability of eBikes. The safety of eBikes is advancing as well, as additions like Helite’s “B’ Safe” airbag vests are made available to riders. These innovations will boost the sales of eBikes as the bicycles become more practical, safer and light-weight.

Infrastructure Trends and Imperatives

Although more Americans are purchasing bikes, infrastructure is slow to keep up with other countries as many people in the U.S. feel unsafe while riding. Better infrastructure is the key to promoting the new light in which cycling is seen. Many cities are working to become as eBike friendly as they can be. Albuquerque is an example as the city is working to add sectors of connectivity, green paint and bike boxes at intersections. The city’s also working to improve its multi-use paths. Associations like people for bikes work on assisting cities and states to create safe mobility networks and improved legislation for eBikes.

eBike Market Growth is Predicted to Propel

Whether you’re looking for a better method of transportation or looking to get physically fit, eBikes are beneficial to a variety of individuals. As Americans begin to discover all the benefits eBikes have to offer, the sales growth for electric bicycles is expected to skyrocket. By 2025, eBikes are expected to catapult into a 23 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to hop on the trend and see what the buzz is about?

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